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Welcome to Norths Cricket Club

Situated in the heart of Townsville & based at the home of
Townsville Cricket, Norths is a great place to start or continue your
cricket career.


Boasting excellent nets & a well maintained oval, we can take your
cricket to the next level. 

Welcome to the new season for 2021/22.


We have had to tweak  our pre season plans and dates due to the new development of the Townsville tropical big bash.

Firstly, I would like to congratulate you all on the past couple seasons. The small goals of getting back to basics and playing with confidence and energy are really starting to shape this cricket club with results speaking for themselves.

Pre season planning is well underway with the Captains and senior players meeting to be held and our AGM fast approaching.

Whilst Club and Team planning is essential to the evolvement of a club it is also important to progressively evolve your personal game. There was a lot of preseason practice and discussion over the last couple of years with Jonathan Connors running several nights at the clubhouse with discussion around routines both pre and during games.

This year we will be building on the individual plans we started a couple of years ago in first grade, in these plans we mapped = Identified players plan + Players Role in side + What that role requires + Players strengths + Improvement areas + Notes and executed pre season plan.

This year I will hopefully extend that throughout the first and second side and as many junior emerging players as possible.

I am happy to discuss and assist with additional technique session and then plan to progress.

Finally, hard work can be fun, though some sessions hard work can also be hard work. It’s seeing that player after working on certain shot/delivery that they execute and seeing that smile or a player reaching his or her goals that makes it fun, its about being happy with the small things and big things will come.

Looking forward to the season ahead please call/ email , arrange a chat, happy to assist any way I can.


Wade Sadler



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