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Email From Secretary, TCI, concerning using the Duckworth-Lewis method in interupted matches, dated October 4th 2017.

Just a reminder that recalculations of target scores in senior one day matches this season will be done by the Duckworth Lewis method using the MyCricket Scorer app. This is the responsibility of the captains and scorers, not the umpires, so please make sure your captains have the app, and understand how to use it. 


Your captains or scorers will require a MyCricket Administrator login with RESULTS MANAGER access in order to use the app. This is the same level needed to enter results in, so hopefully all of your captains or scorers already have this set up. If not, your club’s Principal User will be able to create the login.


Captains and scorers can find the app on the App Store on their iOS device or the Google Play store on Android.


The link below includes instructions on how to use the DL method, and there is a demo mode on the scorer app to become familiar with using it.