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Any Northies Old Boy's from 1967-73 era

John Griffith played for Norths in the 1967-73 era and now resides in SA. He happened to look up our website and saw a couple of familiar names and would like to make contact if possible, so if any one played in this era, or knows of someone from this period that would know John, we can provide his contact details.


Hi Steve,


Thanks very much for your quick response. When I visited the website what struck me most was the Life Members . I only played a few A Grade games but I played from 1967/8 to 1972/3 and captained the Reserve Grade side in 1970/1, 1971/2 and 1972/3. So I played at the same time and with Frank Chaillon, Bernie Courtney, Dr.John Morrissey, Mark Mulcahy Doug Phillips and Frank Riley. Could tell a lot of stories about those guys.


Other notable players in my time were Bill Soutter (Captain A Grade premiers in 1970/1 ? Bill was an ex Richmond, Melbourne and Australian Universities (Captain?)player . Dave Applegarth (ex South Brisbane Distrist CC (Life Member there I believe), Ray Kohn (Ray also played fullback for Townsville in Foley Shield), Wally Tallis – the unforgettable “Choco” – and many others some of whose names I forget.


Most of these guys were older than me and I am 73 so maybe not so many are still around but if they are perhaps you might pass on my best wishes. They may remember me as “Charlie” rather than John.


Great to here the Club is still going strong and great to hear about the Juniors. Life blood of Clubs. We never had any in my day and finding players was always a struggle although in the last year or two we ended up with 3 sides.


My playing career wasn’t particularly distinguished ( no premiership) but I do claim to have scored the first hundred at what is now Norths home ground after we moved from the old Sports Reserve in North Ward. That would have been in 1972/3 I think.


Anyway keep up the good work.




John Griffith

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